Ready for Spring? These Are the 2024 Fashion Trends to Shop Now (2024)

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As if having peered into a crystal ball, nearly half of the spring 2024 fashion trends that the Vogue Runway team predicted for the season have trickled down into stores. Vogue’s senior archive editor Laird Borrelli-Persson said it best when she wrote that the “fashion trends—both macro-and micro—that emerged during the collections number almost as many as the shows Vogue Runway covers.”

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Unlike some previous seasons, it was hard to put finger on an overarching theme—rather, a constellation of moods and influences that when brought together, form a whole. As spring takes shape, micro trends will surely emerge, but for now, the trends that feel immediately wearable can be found below. A few highlights: Icy blue everything (hardly an antidote to red, but a chance complement); new color codes for the minimalist, dramatic trench coats, and sheer delights for the dreamers and romantics in the room. All these and more key spring 2024 fashion trends to know—and shop, below.

Tove Spring 2024; The Row Spring 2024; Ferragamo Spring 2024

Great White Dresses

A little white dress is nothing new for spring—but what is new is the way labels like Tove, The Row, and Ferragamo styled crisp cotton poplin (over pants with loafers or with XXL belts) to evoke that same easy, breezy sensation in in more modern form. You’ll find the same carefree vibe at Toteme, Cos, and Staud if you’re looking for something for everyday.


Wes cotton poplin dress


Iana jersey maxi dress


V-neck slubbed poplin dress


cotton-poplin sleeveless dress


collarless shirt dress

Proenza Schouler White Label

Arlet sleeveless denim midi dress

Adam Lippes

Josephine poplin maxi dress

Ferragamo Spring 2024; Saint Laurent Spring 2024; Bottega Veneta Spring 2024

Epic Trenches

Is it really spring if we aren’t talking trench coats? Designers revisited the weather-proof staple by reimagining both the silhouette and its styling. At Ferragamo and Saint Laurent we saw coats outfitted with dramatic details—think Holmesian-esque capes and scarve attachments that cloak the neck and chest like armor—or way-high buttoning as seen at Bottega Veneta to shield you from the elements. Off the runway, the look is easily achieved with designs from contemporary labels and high street brands alike.


wrap trench coat


asymmetric voluminous trench


convertible nylon trench coat

Saint Laurent

double-breasted twill trench coat


Minnie belted trench coat

Bottega Veneta

cape-effect trench coat

& Other Stories

single-breasted trench coat


Le Trench Bari belted trench coat

The Row Spring 2024; Fendi Spring 2024; Ferragamo Spring 2024

New Color Codes for the Minimalist

Like a Mark Rothko color field painting, designers took to color blocking this season in a major way. Some, like Maximilian Davis at Ferragamo, sent down pre-styled pieces to take the guesswork out of shade matching, while at The Row and Fendi, opposing hues were partnered up for dynamic effect. If you want to play safe, go for a pre-styled piece like Tory Burch’s sleeveless dress, or alternatively, you can spin the color wheel and try your hand at a runway look by matching up Zara’s faux leather tank or Aritzia’s soft blue top with Fendi’s leather skirt. Either way, get ready for a new spring color palette.


Midtown tube top



The Row

Attica oversized button down shirt


Trey skirt


leather top

Issey Miyake

panelled ribbed-knit top

Givenchy Spring 2024; Stella McCartney Spring 2024; Proenza Schouler Spring 2024

Ice Blues

Coming off the etherealness of white is this soft blue, which graces everything from tender, gossamer blouses (Givenchy) to full suiting (Stella McCartney), and leather coats (Proenza Schouler). Dip your toes into these icy waters with styles from Tove, Róhe, or Banana Republic; opt for a black base if you want a look that’s more edgy; soft beige for a more ladylike approach, or bold red if you’re having another go at color-blocking.


Vita gathered wool top

Proenza Schouler

Billie coat

Favorite Daughter

Favorite pants


georgette overlap drape blouse

Stella McCartney

oversized wool blazer

Bottega Veneta

cropped cotton-piqué polo shirt

Scanlan Theodore

leather skirt


pleated woven maxi dress

Gucci Spring 2024; Alaia Spring 2024; Saint Laurent Spring 2024

Beyond the Boardroom Pencil Skirts

There was no escaping corporatecore on the runway, with numerous designers making sleek pencil skirts a focal point. We loved the more unexpected pairings, like Sabato de Sarno’s gray hoodie outfit with his GG-embossed patent leather burgundy skirt, or Anthony Vaccarello’s safari-ready look with a tucked-in tank that was left casually undone as a subtle reminder that no one really can be bothered with buttons in the heat. For your own Monday through Friday, consider styles that emphasize texture—latex, croc-embossed, and (faux) leather—and pair with more relaxed opposites, like a simple T-shirt or crewneck sweater.


shiny leather skirt


wrap skirt


faux leather pencil skirt


lean pencil midi-skirt


latex pencil skirt

Saint Laurent

Saharienne mini skirt


Chisel maxi skirt

The Row

Bart cashmere skirt

Proenza Schouler Spring 2024; Diotima Spring 2024; Tory Burch Spring 2024

“Air-Con” Materials

It’s getting hot in here! No really, it is. Keep in mind earth’s rising temperatures and it becomes quickly clear that we’re might want to wear a whole lot less this spring and summer. A handful of designers have considered and sought to address this with openwork knitting techniques that are meant to behave as wearable air-con. Some styles are best worn layered, like Diotima’s beaded tank, making the exposure far more palatable for your commute, while others, like Staud’s crochet dress or Calle Del Mar’s sequin skirt are primed for sandy getaways—swimsuits sold separately.

Proenza Schouler

Zora halter fringe dress


Marina two-tone beaded tank top

Calle Del Mar

crochet embellished skirt


Dushka sequined open-knit top


embroidered piquet top


turtleneck maxi dress

Stella McCartney

mirror-embellished denim jeans

Sportmax Spring 2024; Prada Spring 2024; Chloe Spring 2024

Sheer Delights

Tulle, mesh, and chiffon took on celestial form in the spring/summer collections with delicate, diaphanous looks that appeared to be spun around the body like cotton candy in the sweetest of shades. To capture this same feeling of lightness and grace, try Dorothee Schumacher’s soft pink gathered top, Khaite’s organza midi, or Sportmax’s double-layered skirt.

Dorothee Schumacher

draped tulle top


Bresson skirt


technical voile dress


double-layered blazer


sheer oversized silk shirt


flared bodysuit midi-dress


Coli silk-organza midi dress


double-layered skirt

Saks Potts Spring 2024; Miu Miu Spring 2024; Dries Van Noten Spring 2024

Pop Goes the Collar

Far from their preppy origins and fratty connotations, Borrelli-Persson was right on the money when she anticipated sporty polos (in all their popped-collar glory!) to be this season’s logo tank. Miu Miu, Loewe, and Dries Van Noten are undoubtedly the MVPs, but you’ll find Cos, Kule, and Saks Potts also on the starting lineup.

Miu Miu

cotton piqué polo shirt


striped wool polo sweater


lace polo T-shirt


long-sleeve polo shirt

Saks Potts

Serena cotton-piqué polo shirt

Dries Van Noten

Chu oversize striped polo shirt


rugby shirt


knitted polo neck sweater

Wales Bonner Spring 2024; Prada Spring 2024; Dries Van Noten Spring 2024

Shorts, No Really

It’s been a long time coming for short shorts, which feel more polished and grown-up than ever thanks to smart pairings with blazers and knits (Wales Bonner) or button-ups and belts (Prada and Dries Van Noten). The key here is to pick a style with structure. Tailored shorts made of more rigid materials and/or with pockets and pleats feel right both at home and on vacation.


pinstripe wool shorts


pleated suit shorts


Calman pleated woven shorts

& Other Stories

belted cotton chino shorts

Dries Van Noten

Peza belted cargo shorts


metallic shorts with elastic waist


GG canvas shorts


suiting shorts

Balenciaga Spring 2024; Alexander McQueen Spring 2024; Simone Rocha Spring 2024

In the Name of the…Roses

Have you stopped to smell the roses yet? No, not yet? Now’s your chance as these beauties are back in full bloom. Rendered into larger-than-life scale by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen for her final show (her reference was the Tudor rose) or appliquéd in 3D à la Mara Hoffman or Simone Rocha, there’s a wild rose for everyone.

Magda Butrym

tank dress

Mara Hoffman

Roxana rosette top


floral-print silk-chiffon midi dress

Simone Rocha

rose-detailed taffeta midi skirt


Rosette halter vest

Alexander McQueen

rose-print satin dress


Vaeda woven mini dress


rose halterneck dress

Prada Spring 2024; Dries Van Noten Spring 2024; Proenza Schouler Spring 2024

Skirt Spectacular

Paillettes! Crystals! Fringes! The skirts at Dries Van Noten and Prada could be heard before they were seen. A handful of these runway looks are now in officially store, though, styles by contemporary labels such as 16Arlington and Sea are just as fun and covetable. Pair them with a thong sandal—heeled or flat, either works—for a cool and unfussy finish inspired by Proenza Schouler’s collection.

Dries Van Noten

shirty embellished skirt


printed georgette skirt

A.W.A.K.E. Mode

denim fringe maxi skirt


crystal fringe skirt


crystal-embellished midi skirt


Bethany feather-trimmed midi skirt

Loewe Tanks, Bottega’s Andiamo Bag, and 90+ It Items Defining Fashion Right Now


Ready for Spring? These Are the 2024 Fashion Trends to Shop Now (2024)


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